American Express has been a symbol of success for half a century. But today, the definition of success has changed: a new generation is focused on pursuing passions, not possessions. To prove our commitment to these modern-day makers & creators, American Express launched the #PassionProject.

It began in vibrant online communities like Reddit & Instagram. There, we uncovered exciting projects in progress and deployed the tools of American Express to help them along the way. From trailer renovators to pizza anthropologists, no project was off-limits. Together, we accomplished amazing things, and as we did, progress was posted across the web. Our content even inspired people to share their own projects, so we invited them in through a social contest that kick-started ten projects a month.

The #PassionProject wasn’t just storytelling, it was story making. We showed this new generation firsthand that American Express could help them achieve success, no matter how they define it.

The Stories

The Results

The Human Impact

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